• Focus of our foundation is to support innovative educational projects, educational programs and creative pedagogical approaches for children and youth in Munich;

  • The promotion of existing educational institutions, e.g. Kindergartens and schools, which are supported by a public body, in particular the Jewish community;

  • The creation and support of  Jewish education center located in Munich, for example,  high school or the promotion of  high school, which is supported by a public body, in particular the Jewish community, provided by what the funds of the foundation permit;

  • Scholarships for training of needy or gifted students;

  • The Promotion of cultural and artistic institutions and events through grants for the creation of works of art that are made available to public;

  • The advancement of religion, especially the Jewish belief;

  • The Promotion of distressed people in need of aid projects.

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    Videoclip to Chazzanut