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Welcome to Jooboox, a registry of books on Jewish themes for children and adolescents in the German language, which is updated and growing continuously.

Which books find entry to our list?

We found inspiration by following the concept that there are texts, subjects, authors and illustrations, which give rise to a „Jewish feeling of life, which touch on Jewish content and transport it. Whether our choices were sensible, is for the readers to judge. In the final analysis we believe, that a book that manages to strengthen „Jewish Identity“ is a „Jewish“ book.

If you look through the registry you will find that – for your ease of understanding – some of the titles have been complemented by explanations, reviews or links to further information.

Should you find our list lacking a title, please let us know! Because Jooboox also wants to be a platform enabling lively exchange of Ideas or opinions. Your Ideas or requests are very welcome. We have a special interest in how our young readers received individual titles. We treasure the contact to our readership. So, dear reader, let us know your opinion.

We wish everybody a great time browsing with best regards from Jooboox,

Dr. Katrin Diehl, free Journalist, and the Brodt-Foundation-Team.

The books bearing the „Brodt-Foundation“ – seal have been published with the support of the Brodt Foundation.

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Jewish ideas of living, Jewish history and Jewish religion

Books on the Shoah: picture books, books for elementary school children, books for adolescents


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